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Founded in 1839, the Agricultural Society of Trinidad and Tobago (ASTT) is the only national organization representing farmers. As a statutory body within the Ministry of Agriculture, the ASTT represents every sector of Agriculture.

This organization is managed by a committee comprising representatives of all spheres of Agriculture elected at an Annual general Meeting. Our mandate is not only an advocacy body, but also to assist and encourage the development & advancement of all sectors of Agriculture.

Over the years, the ASTT has formed alliances with other agencies and organizations both nationally & internationally with the main objective of strengthening the Agricultural sector to ensure the availability of food for everyone.

Now, faced with the shortage of food throughout the world, the ASTT is aggressively expanding its activities to increase the production of food. It is important at this time that we empower all our farmers to produce more, and more importantly there is an increasing need for our policy makers to invest heavily in this sector that is so vital to the sustenance of our people. The Agricultural Society stands firm in its determination to meet this challenge.

Agricultural Society of Trinidad and Tobago
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